Floating and Boat Dock Solutions: Sales, Custom Installation, and Expert Removal Services

Walloon Central Marine Docks - Solid, Stable, Beautiful

We offer custom design, build, installation, removal, and repair of traditional wood docks on Walloon Lake to help make your time on the water more enjoyable. We have an experienced crew and quality equipment to complete new installations, repairs, and removals. With crew members who are expertly trained and fully insured, we have built a reputation on Walloon Lake for quality and our commitment to excellence.

Comprehensive Dock Sales and Services: From Installation to Removal

Custom Dock Design & Build: Tailored Floating Docks and Boat Piers

We offer custom design & build services for traditional wood docks including head houses. Our docks are carefully constructed at our wood shop in the off season and installed in the spring. We use pressure treated 2x6 & 2x4 lumber to construct the sections and offer pressure treated or cedar decking. Contact us for estimates and availability for your new dock.

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Reliable Seasonal Dock Services: Expert Installation and Removal

Walloon Central Marine focuses on serving customers with both spring installs and fall removals on docks and boat lifts that were purchased from us. In general, our seasonal service is exclusive to Walloon Lake, however, we will service those outside of Walloon Lake in the first year of installation. We can also provide storage after removal. Hauling and storage fees apply when removing the dock from your property.

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Barge Services for Waterfront Deliveries and Dock Floats

Walloon Central Marine can provide delivery of building materials, shoreline furniture, marine equipment, etc. to your shoreline. Contact us for more information and an estimate.

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Maintenance and Seasonal Repairs for Boat Lifts and Docks

From Memorial Day to Labor Day we perform lift and dock repairs. If you’re on Walloon Lake, after an inspection, we may be able to repair boat lifts or docks that we did not sell. Contact Scot for more information.

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